COHM is a historical hotel in the center of Wroclaw, where every guest will find accommodation suited to their budget.

Firma Cohm Sp. z o.o. operating under the brand of the Historical Hotels of Wroclaw is the heir of the  “Odra Tourist” company and since 2007 the manager of the five oldest hotels in Wroclaw: Polonia, Europejski, Piast and Grand and Piast2 (formerly Hotel Odra).


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All these facilities are located at Piłsudskiego Street and ul. Articular. Today’s street of Marshal Józef Piłsudski was one of the most important streets of the city for one hundred and fifty years. Today, it returns to its former splendor, an example of which is the splendid revitalization of the Main Railway Station and the Musical Theater Capitol, between which there are our hotels, whose tradition dates back to many years of pre-war and post-war history. Hotel Polonia is a former “Vier Jahreszeiten” from 1911, Hotel Europejski- “Hohenzollernhof” from 1876, and Hotel Piast is a former “Kronprinz” from 1908, which was at that time the most elegant hotel in the city. Hotels – Kronprinz and “Du Nord” (built in 1903) a pair of neighboring buildings – created a peculiar gate, leading to the historic center of the city. At present, the Europejski Hotel *** (95 rooms) and Polonia *** (107 rooms), Hotel Piast ** are operating, which returned to the splendor after the complete modernization and renovation of the Piast Cruise House, which led to opening in February 2015 a modern – 92-room hotel with a 2-star standard. The Grand Hotel, whose façade renovation will start probably in 2015, will return to business in a few years.

The Odra Tourist company was founded by the Mayor of Wrocław in 1974. Initially, it was called the Wrocław Tourist Economy Enterprise “ODRA”. In 1989, the name was changed to the State Enterprise “Odra Tourist”. The basic forms of activity were: hotel activities, tourist activities and catering activities.

Since 1975, the “Odra Tourist” consisted of hotels POLONIA, EUROPEJSKI, GRAND, PIAST and ODRA. As a result of changes taking place in Poland in the 1990s, “Odra Tourist” became a joint-stock company and was to be privatized through participation in the National Investment Funds Program. In 1999, the sale agreement for the “Odra Tourist” shares for Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowy “DEXPOL” SA was signed.

On February 14, 2000, “ODRA TOURIST” S.A., as the only partner, formed a company under the name of “ODRA TOURIST HOTELE”. “ODRA TOURIST HOTELS” limited liability company started operating on April 1, 2000. In the same year, the Shareholders’ Meeting of Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe “DEXPOL” S.A. in Wroclaw and shareholders of “ODRA TOURIST” S.A. in Wrocław adopted unanimous resolutions regarding the merger of the company under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe “DEXPOL” S.A. in Wroclaw.

Thus, Odra Tourist Hotele Sp. z o.o. started a hotel business using the long tradition of “ODRA TOURIST” S.A. based on the buildings of “Polonia” and “Europejski” hotels and DW “Piast”.

In January 2001, hotel facilities of the Company underwent categorization and were classified in accordance with the new regulations and received categories: Hotel “Polonia” – *** (three stars), Hotel “Europejski” – *** (three stars), Dom Wycieczkowy “Piast “- II category.

In 2007, the company changed its name to COHM Sp. z o. o. Along with the new name, she bravely and dynamically entered the market of the Wrocław hotel industry with the new European hotel Silfor Premium. The year 2008 was another year of huge investments. COHM has started the renovation of the well-worn three-star Hotel Polonia, which will eventually be transformed into a five-star facility – Polonia Palace.

In 2014, the popular Piast Touring House was renovated, which after modernization has received the status of a hotel with the category of 2 stars. In the further future, it is planned to renovate and start shut down: Hotel Grand and Piast II.