Lille meets Wrocław: music, theatre, exhibitions


“Lille meets Wrocław” – exhibitions, installations, experimental music, theatre, performances, film and discussions, over 40 invited artists connected with Polish and French institutions as well as solo and joint projects, created especially for this event.
This original programme will start on November 17 and run for the next three days.

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The festival was organised at the initiative of the Avant Art Foundation, which invited French organisations such as artconnexion, L’malterie, L’Entorse, Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Theatre du Norde and Muzzix to cooperation. All of them are connected by one place – the city of Lille, the European Capital of Culture 2004 – which managed to maintain the rhythm and tempo of its artistic development in subsequent years. These institutions are also characterised by their openness to experimentation in art, extensive support for artists, broad educational programme, audience development and building a platform for cooperation. These areas are also very close to the Avant Art Foundation. Thus, the “Lille meets Wrocław” programme is characterised by its interdisciplinary character and strong emphasis placed on presenting contemporary art.

Five exhibitions will be opened during the festival, including an exhibition of works by Leonie Young, created as part of the Biennale of Urban Art OUT OF STH artistic residency programme.  We are also going to see the exhibitions created by artists connected with artconnexion: Cécile Wesołowski, Julien Boucq, Janusz Stega and Qubo Gas collective. All of them experiment with the form and medium used to convey their message, combining tradition with modern technology.

Kama Sokolnicka and Krystian Truth Czaplicki, together with Philémon Vanorlé – a group of twisted artists prepared an exhibition titled “Sometimes…” – a result of a residence exchange, organised since 2012 by BWA Wrocław and la malterie Association from Lille. Thomas Zaderatzky, Monsieur Nuage, Emiko, Adrian Jackowski, William York – artists from Lille, Wrocław and Leeds will present their video mapping projects on objects prepared by students of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.

The concerts, which will take place during “Lille meets Wrocław” festival are results of artistic residencies of musicians from Cologne, Lille and Wrocław. We are going to hear an experimental-improvising trio, comprising a pianist, guitarist and drummer: Zoubek / Cruz / Witkowski. We are also going to see artists representing musical scene in Lille: TOC [Ternoy / Cruz / Orins] – their art is often classified as noise, post-rock, psychedelic and experimental, they “search, cut, level and detach”. The Toys’R’Noise project, deeply rooted in ambient / industrial / electro music is a band, whose sound base comprises of self-made instruments. Vitas Guerulaitis, a band combining dadapunk and psychedelic krautrock aesthetic with elements of no wave and big beat. Meki and Kolen – representatives of a dark, industrial part of French techno scene. Moreover, CNCTD – French multi-instrumentalist, aficionado of synthesisers and drum machines, DJ and producer, who in his sets combines cold, ambient backing tracks with industrial beat – will also come to Wrocław.

The festival will also feature screenings of short films and the latest film directed by Bruno Durmont – Slack Bay – a motion picture which, despite being filled with absurdities, remains precise and sophisticated, starring Juliette Binoche.

The programme also encompasses theatre and performances. All my life I’ve done things I didn’t make is a play by Théâtre du Nord – a monodrama written by one of the leading contemporary French playwrights, Rémi de Vos.

Domicile will be a virtual presentation of places and artists from Lille and Leeds, while undertaking the topic of home and crossing borders.

For our youngest audiences, we have prepared a workshop: Collage & Badge Party.

“Lille meets Wrocław” is an event enabling us to follow the newest trends in art, as well as exchange experiences regarding development , culture management and participation – the latter will be made possible thanks to the “Public Art” conference and presentation of “Young Patrons” programme. As Kostas Georgakopulos, director of the festival, said: “I am certain that the quality of our artists and the presented projects sets us apart, thanks to the cooperation of Avant Art with the leading cultural institutions from Lille”.